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An equinox sunset, about 11:30 PM, at Kitsumkalum Lake along the Nisga'a highway in north central BC.

Graceful Egret in the Rain

I had been looking for an Egret for a long time. After battling 6 foot reeds, sliding down a muddy hill, narrowly missing plunging into a pond, all in the middle of a downpour, I found this beautiful Egret!

Inland Pit Osprey Nest

I went back to the Inland pit nest on July 29th to check and see if I could see any more juvenile Osprey. I was a little upset when I arrived as someone had let the remnants of a lot of fireworks approximately 15 feet from the nest. I can't image that someone could be that inconsiderate and disrespectful to the environment and to the people and animals that live in this area. They not only left all their garbage behind they very easily could have started a grass fire with the extreme draught we are in. Not to mention the terror the Osprey must have felt as the juvenile is just now learning to fly. Maybe the fireworks pushed him out of the nest but he looked like he was ready to fly anyways. This particular day was very smoky from all the wildfires that are burning in Manitoba right now. In this picture the juvenile flew over top of the female Ospreys head in hopes of landing beside here. The male is in the bottom left corner watching junior fly around.

Inland Pit Nest

Upon checking the Inland pit nest on July 25th I saw two heads poking above the rim. I immediately thought this was the male and female Osprey due to the size of the birds. Up until this point I have not seen any chicks/juveniles at the nest due to the shear depth of the nest. When looking back at my images on the computer I could tell that the Osprey on the right is a juvenile. The Osprey on the left sitting up high on the rim was the female. The juveniles eyes are orange and the adults are yellow. As well the shoulder of the young Osprey could be seen through the twigs of the nest and I could see white tipped feathers which confirmed this was indeed a juvenile Osprey. The adult male Osprey must have been off looking for food and no other juveniles were seen. This was a little strange for this couple/nest as in the past the couple has raised three chicks successfully. I'd be surprised if she didn't have two to three chicks this year. Maybe mother nature just wasn't on their side this year.

Bumblebee and Salvia flowers

Lots of bumblebees in my garden, mostly attracted by a large Hibiscus but they occasionally venture away from there and check out the other flowers available.

The Summer Triangle

The Milky Way and Summer Triangle rising in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

Cloudy Nights On Cache Lake

The Milky Way is covered by low cloud cover on Cache Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

The Passage

The broad back of a humpback whale indicates its passage towards Work Channel on the northwest coast of BC.

Long-tailed Duck

You don't need to see the head to identify this species!

Orange-crowned Warbler

White-rumped Sandpiper

Red Knot at Sandbanks Provincial Park

This species appears rarely in Prince Edward County

Red Knot at Sandbanks Provincial Park

This species appears rarely in Prince Edward County

Common Whitetail

Open Wide!

Open Wide!

Sunset at Ten Mile Lake


Great night paddling with loons and a beaver

Loon Wing Stretch

This loon was nesting on Nancy Greene Lake.

Eared Grebe

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